Finding High-Quality Salmon

We all know (or at least you should have heard by now) that salmon is loaded with all kinds of nutrients and healthy fats.  The benefits are too numerous to mention in this article. But are all salmon equal? The answer to that is a definite NO!


To get the wonderful benefits of salmon, you need to look for wild-caught, sustainably-raised salmon.  Farm raised salmon has less Vitamin D, is exposed to toxins and contaminants, is given synthetic pigments to make it pink, and may even be genetically modified.


Alaskan caught  wild salmon is at the top of the list for nutrition and sustainability.  Although Pacific Ocean caught salmon is wild, there are some concerns about its sustainability.  Few salmon are now caught in the Atlantic Ocean.  Most Atlantic Salmon that you see on menus and in the grocery store are actually farmed.  One way to check on the quality of your salmon is to look for certification from the Marine Stewardship Council.


If you have enough freezer room, you may buy salmon online from a source that is verified and reliable.  One such online website is Alaska gold Seafood. 


The extra price you pay for wild salmon is well worth the wonderful health benefits  that you receive from it.


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