Don't Refrigerate These Foods

According to, these 7 foods should never be refrigerated. Here's the list and reasons why.


1.  Bananas: Refrigeration stops the ripening process.

2.  Sweet Potatoes:  The starch in potatoes will turn to sugar, and the flavor

      and texture of the potatoes will be altered.

3.  Tomatoes:  This wonderful fruit will become mushy and flavorless.

4.  Apples:  The texture and flavor of the apples will be lost during

      refrigeration.  If you want to bite into a cold apple, refrigerate for a

      short time before eating.

5.  Onions:  These should be stored in a paper bag in a cool, dark place.

      Refrigeration causes onions to become soggy.

6.  Avocados:  The ripening enzymes are shut down when exposed to

      cold temperatures.

7.  Coffee:  The natural oils in the coffee beans are allowed to release its

      wonderful aroma when stored at room temperature.


(Thanks to Joel at biotrustnews for these wonderful tips)




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