Appetizers / Snacks

We all love appetizers.  Sometimes we even use them as our main event.   We run into trouble when we rely on some of the good old standby's like chips and dip.  Below are some healthy munchy ideas.


If you're craving crunchy, snack on frozen grapes or apples.  Healthy peanut butter on apples or celery is delicious! Dip some veggies in hummus or snack on nuts.


Craving sweet?  Try organic yogurt and ripe fruit, vegetable chips (baked or fried in a healthy oil sprinkled with sea salt), or organic dark chocolate chips


Love salt?  Pick on some olives or dip a few organic tortilla chips in freshly made salsa or guacamole.  If you can eat dairy, a small amount of organic cheese may take care of that craving.


Avocados, smoothies, and left over mashed sweet potatoes from last night's dinner could take care of the craving for something creamy. You can also try puddings made with avocado or mashed banana.


Be adventurous!!





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