Dessert Recipes

What?  Desserts can be healthy? Yes, they can with the right ingredients.  The thing we love most about desserts is the sweetness.  So the first thing is to find a substitute for the deadly sugar.


You can find sugar substitutes at a health food store and at many grocery stores.  A few of the most popular are stevia, coconut sugar, brown rice syrup, and honey. 


Having a couple of different natural sweeteners in your kitchen will ensure that you have one for every need.  Coconut sugar is wonderful in tea because it tastes great and dissolves easily.  Brown rice syrup works well in your favorite cookie recipe.  Use organic sweeteners when possible. If you are diabetic, please check that the sugar substitute will work for you.


There are many nut and flax flours that can replace regular white and whole grain flour.  There is even a pre-made GF graham cracker crust that tastes great. 


There are healthy substitutes for cool whip, cream cheese and sour cream.  Head to a health food store and have fun exploring all the different possibilities!



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