Vegetable Recipes

Vegetables are the main stay of our life.  You've heard of vegetarian diets with no meat, but you've never heard of a meat diet with no vegetables.  To get all the nutrients we need, we need to eat a variety of vegetables. Each vegetable has it's own powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.  There are too many varieties and benefits to list them all here, but I'll try to give you a sampling.


Brussel sprouts, which are part of the cruciferous family, combat cancer, protect your heart, prevent constipation, and promote weight loss. 


Sweet potatoes saves eyesight, combat cancer, strengthen bones, and lift your mood.


Carrots protect your heart, combat cancer, save eyesight, and promote weight loss.


Mushrooms help control blood pressure, lower cholesterol, kill bacteria, and combat cancer.


All of the above veggies, along with many others, help to prevent cancer. Now we can see why a plant-based diet is important in the fight against cancer! 





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