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Carol, Thank You so much for putting my life back in order and allowing me to understand what really matters!  Coaching with patience but yet such insight and enlightenment is something not everyone can do.  The strategies and techniques you taught me are something I will have the rest of my life, and the knowledge and information that I learned from our sessions is priceless!
Love and Light

Araceli A.




Thank you. Carol, for lighting the way when I found myself lost on the back roads of life and the beacon signaling my destination had grown dim.  Thank you for restoring my confidence in a loving Providence and in my own ability to find my path and stay the course.  Even when the path is rocky and seems impassable.  And most of all, thank you for treating me like a treasured friend even though we had only just met.

Barb O.



Thank you for taking the time to meet and help me to carve a path for myself.  You are a treasure!

Carolyn M.



Hi Carol, I am writing to give you a glowing testimonial.  You deserve it.  You have made me realize that I am in control of my life in many ways.  You have reminded me that my thoughts have a huge impact on my life.  You have taught me some valuable new tools for improving my life such as tapping, positive affirmations, and the powerr of the subconscious mind.  You have also reminded me of many tools that I was already aware of but had forgotten to utilize.  I really value the time we spent together sorting out my feelings and formulating a mission statement for my life.  I feel much stronger and empowered and truly look forward to a wonderful year and the rest of my life. I finally realize that the passion and joy that I was looking for is really inside of me.  I am letting it out and sharing it at every opportunity going forward.

Wishing you love and joy always!  Thank you!

Bernadette W.



This part of my journey begins a couple of years ago.  I was sitting in a pizza joint with my Mom and we were talking about Kindred Spirits.  The couple, a few booths down from us, overheard us and came over with delight to join in.  We all agreed it is a magickal place, a place of healing, a place of spirit, a place of love.  This is the day I met my friend, Carol.


Fast forward to a few months ago.  I was sitting in the large cabin, Kindred Spirits, and my friend Carol walks through the room I am in.  We greet with a warm hug and Carol asks me if I am ok.  I reply with tears and a simple "no".  I told her I felt lost, stuck, fearful of my life and sad.  With a kind smile, Carol tells me to come see her and she will help.  This is the day I met my friend Carol, "The Healer."


Even though Carol has known me for a few years, our first session she took the time to get to know the inner me.  She tweaked her opening prayer to incorporate my beliefs and with that I felt safe to share my life with her.


Through a few sessions of EFT, Pranic Healing and loving wisdom, Carol guided me to peal yet another layer off the 'onion' of my past.  She showed me how to use EFT to truly feel my emotions, not to bury them.  Then how to change those feelings into confidence that reminds me every day what a beautiful person I am.


Through Pranic Healing, Carol cleared a very deep rooted memory.  That clearing has helped me find my strong voice, let go of what others think and opened my heart once again for love.


And through Carol's loving wisdom of life I have let go of the nagging fear that holds me back from living my life to its fullest potential.  I am now full of the knowledge that "I AM GOOD ENOUGH"!


Carol has given me tools to add to my collection to continue on my journey.  And thanks to her, I have found my path again to continue my journey with confidence, love and joy.  I have angels come and go in my life and I am truly grateful for all of them.  I am especially gratefulfor my friend, the Healer, Carol Preseren

Teri Pat


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